The Pistons Andre Drummond Took to Twitter to Get a Pick-Up Game in Detroit

Finding a pick-up game is not always the easiest thing. If the weather is nice outside, you could take yourself to the nearest park and see if there’s a game going on. In the winter, it’s best if one of your friends has access to a school gym once a week, so you have something to look forward to especially if you’re in a place where it snows a lot.

Well, NBA basketball players don’t really have the same problems as us, in fact, it’s awfully easy for them to set up a game for themselves. Just have a location and a Twitter handle with a bunch of followers. That’s what Andre Drummond did last week, when he sent out a tweet letting his followers know that he was headed to the gym at 5:30.

A bunch of folks could not pass up the chance to scrimmage with an actual NBA player, and a really good one at that. Drummond was not taking it easy on the guys either, here he is throwing one down in transition. Drummond was also nice enough to take time for photos with fans.

Even with just a few teams left in the playoffs and the off-season ahead, a lot of these players are still keeping busy on the court. Swaggy P is still having the time of his life, and even Gilbert Arenas is getting into the action. Young guys like Terrence Ross are taking no days off either, here he is showcasing a windmill dunk a couple of nights ago.

What’s that saying again? Basketball never stops? It’s kind of true.

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