• The Top NBA Draft Picks Got, Err, Memorable Intros to Their New Cities
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  • After the draft, come the awkward press conference, where newly minted NBA players get to see what their new cities are all about and face fire from local media. Here’s a look at what happened around the league for the top five players drafted in Thursday’s draft.


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  • Andrew Wiggins Got Called Mitchell

    In Cleveland, Andrew Wiggins’ welcome got off to an auspicious start when Cavs play-by-play announcer Fred McLeod introduced him as Mitchell, which would be his father. After that hiccup, Wiggins settled in and declared his goals next season: to make the all-defensive team, be Rookie of the Year and make the All-Star team. Hold that.

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  • Jabari Parker Reassured Milwaukee

    Second overall pick Jabari Parker was introduced in Milwaukee, and told the enthusiastic crowd that they could expect from him, “I think they will get a hard worker. I have a lot of integrity; I have a lot of pride. I’m not satisfied with anything I’m doing. It’s always on to the next. You’ll never see me on social media bragging. I’m definitely going to be there in the gym all the time.”

    Not to get ahead of himself, but when asked whether he would consider remaining a Milwaukee Buck for the long-term, “No, I’m really honest. I don’t look forward to leaving any time soon. And I want to keep that in my heart, because if I just look at it as a short-term deal, then things won’t work out.”

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  • Sixers Pick Joel Embiid might be sidelined longer than expected

    In Philadelphia, general manager Sam Hinkie addressed the health concerns regarding Joel Embiid, “I’ve seen reported some four to six months for Embiid. That’s not the number I heard. The number I heard from the surgeon himself was five to eight months. We will focus on the long-term health of the player. That’s all that matters. Will we be smart about that? Of course. Will we be patient? Yes. If he can remain healthy, he can have a fantastic NBA career.”

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  • Aaron Gordon got booed

    The Orlando Magic fans who watched the draft live at Amway Arena were not impressed by the team’s selection of Aaron Gordon, booing the pick when it was announced. Gordon met the Orlando media yesterday and sounded confident he can change a few people’s opinions. Gordon will wear double zero, after wearing the number 32 in college. He explained why, “I didn’t want to follow Magic Johnson’s number. If you’re trying to aspire to be one person, I think your aspirations are going to fall short every single time. I’m going to try to leave my own legacy with my own number. The double-zero represents how wide I want the fans’ eyes to be when they see all of us playing.”

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  • Dante Exum

    And finally, the international man of mystery Dante Exum was introduced in Utah, and seems eager to learn, “I feel like I just want to win. I know this game is all about chemistry. I want to hook on to a veteran, and get a feel for things from the guys who have been in the league a long time. I want to earn the respect of my teammates. I think — as a point guard — it’s good to have a good relationship with every one of your teammates.”

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