What If Every NBA Team Consisted Of Hometown Players Only?

Much of LeBron’s motivation to return to Cleveland has to do with returning to his hometown and making things right. So, how would NBA rosters look like if every team consisted of hometown players only?

Well, we’re glad you asked, because the answer is here.

Here’s how LeBron’s running mates in Cleveland would look like if it consisted of players from Ohio only. We’re assuming he would prefer to stick with the current squad, which boasts Kyrie Irving at point guard and Andrew Wiggins on the wing.


The Chicago Bulls would have a strong case for having the best team in the league. Derrick Rose at point guard (assumption: healthy), with Jabari Parker and Anthony Davis as potential franchise players:


Another team to look out for are the Toronto Raptors. Yes, you’ve heard about the influx of Canadian talent in the NBA, but seeing them on one roster goes to illustrate how bright the future is in Canada:


As for the Knicks, this hometown format might actually expedite their rebuilding process.


Again, you can browse those all the team’s lineups here. It’s at least fun to imagine how your team would look like if one, two, or five of your hometown stars decide to come home.

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