At this point in his career, Gilbert Arenas is more remembered for the infamous gun incident with the Washington Wizards than his three All-Star appearances or career 20.7 ppg average. It’s no surprise that Arenas’ is probably heckled more about the incident than asked for an autograph or something of that nature—at least it appeared that way last night.

While Gilbert Arenas was walking his reality show star wife, Laura Govan, into Boa Steakhouse on Sunset Strip, two girls from “Famous in 12” scream “Ahhhh, don’t shoot!” at Arenas.

Arenas’ responded by asking, “how much do you get paid,” before walking into the restaurant. Truth be told, with Arenas being the third-highest paid player in the NBA in 2013—without even being in the league—they sure as hell aren’t making anything close to what Gilbert is.

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