LeBron James seems to be following Magic Johnson’s footsteps in becoming an all-time great on the court while being a successful businessman off it. King James is the executive producer of (and his marketing company, LRMR, helped develop) the new half-hour sitcom, “Survivor’s Remorse.” The sitcom stars Jessie Usher as the main character Cam Calloway and is based on LeBron James’ difficult path to NBA stardom. Calloway is an up-and-coming basketball player having problems adjusting to fame and expectations after signing a huge contract with a pro team in Atlanta. The show is slated to air this fall.

Remember, LeBron James wasn’t always living in South Beach and winning NBA Championships. In the fourth grade, he was often sleeping on the couch of one of his mother’s friends. James was even homeless at times as his mother struggled to keep a job in Akron, Ohio. According to the trailer: 1.4 percent of college players go pro, the average career of a pro is less than five years, and pro athletes have a 41% chance of going bankrupt five years after leaving the game. Even with all these statistics, 100% of people all want a shot of becoming a professional athlete.

There isn’t a person alive that can say they haven’t dreamed of winning the Super Bowl or NBA Finals when they were kids. This show could serve as a LeBron-approved depiction of the entirety of that long shot dream. Not everyone can be LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, but this fictionalized version of how difficult the path to the NBA can be is brought to the public by the guy who has navigated that road brilliantly.

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