Chris Paul’s Spin Move Got Me Like…


The Clippers are no strangers to embarrassing the opposition with individual highlight clips. Ask Brandon Knight, or Timofey Mozgov. This week, we welcomed Mozgov’s Nuggets teammate Evan Fournier to this esteemed list.¬†Watching Chris Paul put Fournier in the spin cycle had me thinking about all the signature individual moves from eras past, like Iverson’s crossover or Olajuwon’s dream shake, and the beauty of these great singular moments in what can be a long slog that is the regular season as we wait for the playoffs to come.

For Fournier, I imagine his inner self was quivering like Don Draper at the end of Mad Men this week, directionless and completely lost without a shot at redemption. But this is the same guy who recreated the entire Mario Kart intro with JaVale McGee, so I imagine his sense of humor will help him overcome this episode of crisis.

But how about Jan Vesely, who should be assigned some blame here too, as he runs to help his teammate than gets lost in the middle of nowhere as the spin cycle is completed. His help defense got me like the time I found out Capital Punishment only got four mics in The Source: very, very disappointed. But he too, will probably get over it. Wait, nevermind.

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